Mike Zhang Xunda

Digital Cloud Solution Architect/Specialist · (65) 8688-0327 · mikexd.dev@gmail.com

Mike is a cloud specialist and has architect and developed multiple E2E full-stack solutions across industries on a global scale. He was also involved in various prototyping and MVP project development that yield significant product demand. He also has experience in project management conducted in an agile practice and is always looking to expand his technical knowledge.

Currently a certified AWS Certified Solution Architect and Google Cloud Professional Solution Architect as well as certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD). He has also taken on an interest in blockchain technology and is a Certified Blockchain Solution Architect (CBSA)

He is certifying himself in terraform and azure cloud development, to expand his breadth of multiple cloud providers.


Cloud Engineering Manager

Temus (Temasek + UST Joint Venture)

Focus Area: Cloud | Frontend | Microservice | APIs | DevOps

Healthcare & Travel: Lead Engineer & Solution Architect

  • Work with engineering teams to explore and create new design/architectures geared towards massive scale and performance
  • Participate in code and design reviews to maintain our high development standards
  • Engage in service capacity and demand planning, software performance analysis, tuning, and optimization
  • Collaborate with product and experience teams to define and prototype feature specifications
  • Develop frontend API catalogue page using React + Gastby SPA
  • Work closely with infrastructure team in building and scaling back-end services as well as performing root cause analysis investigations
  • Develop Covid Passport Solution that enables custom and airlines to verify identities of the travelers, validity of Covid Test and Vaccination Certificate and the entry. requirements rules.
  • AWS Cloud + Kubernetes + React + NodeJS + Typescript
Nov 2020 - Present

Innovation Engineering Lead

UST Global

Focus Area: Cloud | Frontend | Microservice | APIs | DevOps

Internal Assets: Full Stack Development

  • Work closely with various stakeholders to understand and define the scope of the demo, and be creative, to create these tech demos to illustrate the desired business use case
  • Propose, design, and implement demos and prototypes that solves business problems
  • Using agile methodologies and working closely with the other lines of business and technology practices, to create new demos to bring to life tech concepts
  • Develop assets for internal and external project usage, which includes API portal using kubernetes and Kong API Gateway
  • Develop frontend API catalogue page using React + Gastby SPA
  • AWS Cloud + Kubernetes+ Kong API Gateway + React + Gastby
Nov 2020 - Present

Digital Business Integration Analyst


Focus Area: Cloud | Frontend | Microservice | APIs | DevOps

Internal Assets: Full Stack Development + UI/UX Design

  • Develop assets for internal and external project usage, which includes API portal with reusable building blocks and CI/CD devOps pipeline that can deploy multiple tech-stacks in all the major cloud platforms (AWS, GCP, Azure)
  • AWS Cloud + Azure DevOps + React + Serverless

F&B Industry: Full Stack Development + UI/UX Design

  • Design and built an end to end consumer, staff and management' data visualization dashboard application that is integrated with the restaurant's hardware beverage dispensing system.
  • React Native + React + NodeJS + Express
  • Project received internal Product Creating Tomorrow award

Pharmaceutical Industry: Micro-frontend Development

  • Built an end to end request management system and drag and drop visual form builder that is slated for multi-tenant cloud platform. Front-end is developed using microfrontend technology that is highly decoupled and scalable.
  • AWS Cloud + Angular

Pharmaceutical Industry: DevOps + Microservice Development

  • Set up the Distributed Tracing in the Kubernetes cluster, to increase observability, enable traffic management and visualization.
  • Develop microservice to harmonise data from multiple data sources and output a configurable set of metadata
  • GCP + Kubernetes
July 2018 - Oct 2020


National University of Singapore

Bachelor of Computing
Computer Science - Interactive Media
August 2014 - May 2018

Hwa Chong Institution

A Level
August 2006 - May 2011


Programming Languages & Tools
  • Agile/Scrum Project Management & Delivery
  • Front-End Development (React/Angular/Vue)
  • Hybrid Mobile Development (React Native)
  • Microservice & API Delivery (NodeJs)
  • Cloud Platform Expertise - (AWS/GCP)
  • Containerization - (Docker/Kubernetes)
  • UI/UX Design (Sketch/Figma)


Apart from being a developer, I also enjoy my time being outdoors. I enjoy playing basketball, swimming and occasionally diving.

When indoors, I follow a number of sci-fi and fantasy genre movies and television shows, I am also into finance and investment, and I spend a large amount of my free time exploring the latest technology advancements and exploring more investment opportunities. Recently I am dapping into the world of crypto and blockchain, it's a whole new world out there!


  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification
  • AWS Solution Architect Certification (Associate)
  • Google Cloud Solution Architect Certification (Professional)
  • Kubernetes Application Developer Certification
  • Certified Blockchain Solution Architect